About me

I value minimalism, when things are simple and succinct.

I like to have a solid mental model of the systems I'm working on.

Doing research at Ethereum Foundation.

My mission

I am interested in: DAOs, Zero-knowledge Proofs, AGI, Soft Robots, Neural Interfaces. I am continuously thinking about how to apply these technologies to build a better future.

My current plan is:

  1. Build a DAO framework - solve human coordination and bring DAOs into the real world.
  2. Decentralize AGI - the most powerful technology should be in the hands of the community.
  3. DAO for Soft Robots - with the help of AI, build a general-purpose humanoid robot.
  4. DAO for Neural Interfaces - connect the mind with the computer.

Happy to discuss any of these topics.

Social links

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